FingerPRINT Woodworking offers a number of options to customize our products to meet your desires and needs. We are confident that all of our clients are purchasing products they are sure to love for years in the future. 

Sizing - All FingerPRINT products can be custom sized to your needs.  We always recommend the proper heights and sizes for different pieces and we will work together to give you the proper scale

Wood Type - FingerPRINT offers 6 local wood species for clients to choose from. Options include Maple, Hickory, Ambrosia Maple, Black Walnut, Ash and White Pine. Please visit the WOOD SPECIES page of our website for more information.   

Table Bases - We have numerous table base options in wood and metal. Currently, our website shows a small cross section of the pieces we have completed. Wood or metal base options are offered in a variety of styles and sizes. We have a vast range of pieces we have done, but if you are in contact with us and you have something in mind that we done currently make we can come up with a new design that works.

Finishes - With 21 different wood stain colours to chose from, our clients have a variety of options available at their disposal. Please visit the FINISHES page of our website to view a small section of available wood stain colours. FingerPRINT is also able to provide painted wood finishes in multiple colours. If you desire a specific stain or paint colour that we do not already provide, we are able to customize our finish options to accommodate you.

Hardware - Currently, we stock over 60 different decorative hardware options that can be used on all FingerPRINT product. Please visit the HARDWARE page of our website to view some available decorative hardware options.  


FingerPRINT Woodworking is able to provide our clients with customizable services and options. If you are interested in designing a one-of-a-kind piece, please feel free to contact FingerPRINT for a consultation. We are always looking to create new and innovative products that exceed our clients desires and expectations, creating something truly unique.