FingerPRINT Woodworking is a small London based furniture company dedicated to constructing quality products.  Using solid domestic hardwoods is what FingerPRINT Woodworking (FPWW) specializes in.  In a market dominated by mass produced generic imports, our goal is to build handmade heirloom pieces derived from innovative designs. 

Building exclusively for Austin and Taylor Furniture allows us to preserve a hands on production environment where owner and designer; Mike dePapp, builds every piece of furniture himself.  From there, we finish each piece utilizing modern finishing equipment and beautiful stains / lacquers.  This specialized small scale approach creates a high level of sustained quality with emphasis on the finer details.  It also enables buyers to make custom choices with hardware, stain colour, style and material that will not be lost in translation.  Not only will you receive a custom piece that you will be proud to show off for your lifetime, but you will have something that exactly fits the form and function you need. All of this translates into a truly unique shopping experience that has become quite rare.

Michael dePapp, owner and designer, started building furniture in 2012 but it quickly became a passionate force in his life that drives his creative side.  Many successful designs have been named after the most important people in his life including his wife and children who support his innovative mindset.  This support is much needed as FingerPRINT Woodworking continues to grow in production and new inventive designs.